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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hollywood's Cutest Babies

& the winner iss.. SURI CRUISE!

Name: Suri Cruise

Birthday: April 18th, 2006

Famous for: Being the first child of actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The couple began dating in April 2005, were engaged by June and then welcomed Suri the following April. They were married in November of 2006.

Name meaning: The couple say that they found Suri’s name in a baby book and both instantly loved it! Suri is Persian for ‘red rose’ or Hebrew for ‘princess’.

Birth story: It is rumored that Suri arrived in silence. Scientology calls for as much quiet as possible during the birth. She was born at 3 am at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, CA and weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz. and 20 inches long. Katie had a natural birth.

Suri Cruise Has A Crush!
Posted by Sassy Smith

Suri Cruise, 3-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has a crush! According to a pal, "Little Suri is smitten!" I wonder who makes the adorable tot smile?

Cruz Beckham

Tom and Katie's little girl has flipped for Cruz Beckham, the four year old son of David and Victoria Beckham, who are friends of theirs. Suri has apparently been "wooing" Cruz with cupcakes and artwork.
"It's too precious for words," said a family friend. "Little Suri is smitten!"
Suri and Cruz have shared play dates on several occasions and have often taken art classes together at The Children's Art Studio in Los Angeles.
The source said, "The children are wonderful playmates, and Cruz has become sort of a big brother figure to little Suri. She lights up whenever he's around."
After a recent art class, Suri presented Cruz with one of her drawings, saying it was a "special gift just for him. She drew stick figures of the two of them - hers in pink and his in blue. They were standing inside a gigantic heart, holding hands."
Suri and mom Katie frequent Crumbs Bake Shop in Beverly Hills, and when they do, the adorable preschooler always wants mom to buy a chocolate cupcake for Cruz.
The pal added, "Cruz is always begging Victoria to take him to Suri's house because he loves jumping on her trampoline and playing on her jungle gym. They're also both learning French and Spanish, so they practice together."
The Cruises and Beckhams get a kick out of their kids' friendship. "They think it's a hoot," said the friend.
How cute!

Comments: Her hair cut, her dresses, her shoes, her skin color and her hair color, her blue eyes… all are perfect combination! I just love to see this kido. I wonder what will she be when she grow up. I wish I can have an adorable daughter like her.. haha..

I like Suri Cruise and I hope she grows up to be a nice successful person. There is no arguing that Suri Cruise is very cute. She cute because she’s dressed like a little girl without being too flowery or fussy. Think about it, Suri has great hair, both of her parents have thick brown hair. Usually little girls have pig tails sticking out the sides of their head. Learn from Suri: hair is your best accessory!

Although we didn’t see her for the first part of her life she’s turned out to be one of the worlds most recognized faces since she was presented to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair. She also was #1 on Forbes’ second annual list of the most influential celebrity tots!


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