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I love you forever, forever is over
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In a new video by MSN Starlounge, Tom talks about his cold room in South Africa and we see that he got blisters while filming the music video. Check out the video below.

Man, didn't we write wicked lyrics..oh yeah! XD yes you DID!

Tom: Come here with the camera! wow.. sound very frustrated & MAD XD

Everyone else had warm water and temperatures right now are below zero! never been in that condition before =\
At night it goes down at least.. how far does it go down at night?
Bill: If there was a rain it would turn into snow.
Tom: Totally..
Bill: ..I guess minus ten or fifteen :o

So i get up, it's freezing cold, the room is minus ten degrees and then i have to enter this wet shower and i only get this ICE COLD water!
Why do i deserve that? yeah.. that's SUCK! but at least you got a COOL video ;)


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