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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In a new interview with Bravo, Bill and Tom say they want to move to Los Angeles for three important reasons: Love, Party and Celebrities. The twins feel they’ll have more freedom in Los Angeles, because fewer people know them and there are bigger stars for the paparazzi to follow. They also feel like they might have a chance at true love there. Check out the scans in our gallery, and the translation below.

We want to go to Hollywood!
Tokio Hotel are really going fast. The new songs aren’t here yet, but Bill and Tom already have big plans!

What a big shock for all TH-fans: Finally the boys celebrate their comeback in Germany, but they already want to leave their hometown! Crazy!

At the 3rd of October Front man Bill [20], Guitarist Tom [20], Drummer Gustav [21] and Bassist Georg [22] the boys will rock the stage at the TV-Show “Wetten Dass..?”.

But, after their big performance, Bill and Tom want to fulfil their dream: Leave Hamburg and move to California.

Singer Bill explains in Bravo-interview “we want to go to Hollywood.”

The boys recorded their new album “humanoid” in LA, but they also want to live there.
Bill: We feel great in LA. This city has amazing energy that I want to absorbe.

I would love to have a home in Hollywood. Also the parties and being close to the celebrities have influences in this: “for example , we met Jay-z. Wven though he is a huge star, he was very nice and relaxed.

They have also seen the famousness of miley but they aren’t friends with her.

„But we always meet her somewhere when we are in Los Angeles“ says Tom. That’s exactly the thing that the twins love about LA : They are not known as well as in Hamburg, or Magdeburg. Everyone knows them there and there’s always someone following them. They can be more free in Hollywood – because the other stars are more popular. Inclusive Paparazzi, Fan-Hype, Groupies : Tom has enough One-Night-Stands and flirts. The heartbreaker wants for the first time in his life a normal relationship : „I think really differently about love now. I’d be really glad if I would fall in love.“ Love, Party and Celebrities – Three good reasons for moving to LA. But the German Fans don’t have to be nervous now. Bill explains : „Germany is and always will be our home. In the future, we’ll still be trying to be in our homeland as often as possible.“ Well, at least a little hope for the fans ..


Sprouse vs. Kaulitz


Looks: The identical Twins Dylan and Cole [17] you can’t really hold them out from each other.: Surfer- hair style and street style.
Succes: at the age of 6 months they were in front of the camera’s for the first time, with the TV-show “Hotel Zack & Cody” they became superstars. Screamings: They grow all the time. The cute boys turned into real hotties.


Looks: With these identical twins [20] it’s easier to hold them apart from eachother: Bill loves spectacular outfits and hair styles, Tom dresses in Hip-Hop style.
Succes: from 2005 on, they are really big in Europe with selling more than 5 million CD’s. Meanwhile they concur The USA. Screamings: Till now always MEGA. But will it stay like that after the comeback? The Sprouse twins win- they are already stars for their whole life.

Source: Tokio Hotel Network

Comment: i would love to see them to stay in Germany..


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