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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Watch Tokio Hotel’s Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg while they are shooting their brand new video AUTOMATIC / AUTOMATISCH in the desert of South Africa!

Tom: We produced all this in a pretty futuristic manner ;-) & we love it!
I'm still fascinated that recording through the internet actually works! We did all the recordings in real-time over the internet, that's so crazy. FOR REAL?? COOOL! =D
Our producers were mostly in L.A. and we could see each other on our computers. i wish we could chatting and see each other on the internet too XD
Tom: On our past albums we were very particular about using the bass, drums, guitars and a bad singer. NOOO! how could you said that! BILL!! punch HIM! XD

We wanted to try out new things and did a lot of programmed drums, used syntiziers so our sound changed automatically - Automatic ;-) =D GEIL!

Bill: I'm so hot! YES INDEED! XD

Georg hurt Tom ! haha XD i think Tom said annoying stuff to him.. that's why he did that! XD notty TOM!

Bill: The people in Germany think that it took forever to finally release our new album.. indeed.. but you worth it. ;) after all the things that happen, Tom with some STUPID CRAZY girls from France. & Gustav with the guy at the bar.. you NEED some time =) btw. i almost cry when i hear Automatic!

Interviewer: Are you still okay?
Bill: It's all right. I need to rest soon, these pants are killing me. awww=( but it looks good on you ;)

Tom: This should turn into an amazing video.. best one we ever had! INDEED! WE LOVE IT! =D

Comment: Most of the songs were recorded through the internet? That's pretty interesting. I really loved this video. I can't wait to hear more from the album, and hopefully a few more music videos. And Bill, you are not a bad singer. Just punch Tom the next time he says something like that. Or I'll do it for you :) And even though those pants were killing you. You rocked them so professionally. ;)


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