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Saturday, September 12, 2009

X17online can confirm that after spending the summer playing the field, Miley Cyrus and The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth are definitely a couple.

We first reported that the onscreen couple were hooking up off-screen back in June when we spotted them getting wet and wild in Georgia, but Miley's behavior last night proved that she was done playing the field and ready to make Liam her one and only.

The couple caught a midnight showing of the rom-com All About Steve at Universal City Walk last night and didn't get out until after 2:30 in the morning - which is way past Miley's normal curfew (and any 16-year-old's curfew)! Not only is staying out this late out of the ordinary for Miley, but it's also unusual to see her out so late without mom! But they weren't completely alone - the couple was chaperoned by Miley's sister and her sister's friend, but there's no denying that this was a date. Miley even tried to sex-up her sweats for the night, letting a sexy bra peek out from under her low-cut tank top.

"They were definitely together," says an X17 photog on the scene. "She looked so excited to be reunited with him, they were walking close and holding hands when they thought no one could see them. They were being really cute, like the couple of teenagers they are!"

After the movie, the couple headed back to Miley's house for the night. I guess Billy Ray must approve, otherwise he may have been waiting at the door with a shotgun!

Miley and her Aussie man have been trying to keep their relationship a secret, perhaps to avoid hurting the ex-boyfriends she had been spotted with over the summer. But now that the secret's out, can we expect to see more of this cute new couple in LA?

I hope so cause he's HOT!

Source: x17online

Comment: INDEED. he's HOTT!


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