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Friday, September 25, 2009

Gala has posted a better quality paparazzi photo of Bill’s mohawk. They say he was hoping to reveal it during the band’s “Automatisch” performance on Wetten Dass…? on October 3rd, but they’re set to appear in Italy this weekend, so I’m assuming Gala is wrong. Apparently Tom also has a new hairstyle, but had it covered.

Bill Kaulitz – Tokio Hotel:
caught with new hairstyle

Actually, he should remain more confidential, but now Bill Kaulitz was already caught with a new hairstyle – the second look change in few weeks

There it happened: Actually, Bill Kaulitz wanted to debut his new hairstyle for fans on their “Wetten dass ..?” appearance on the 3rd of October. However, now paparazzi have caught him already in Hamburg. The singer of the band “Tokio Hotel” looks like a mixture of David Bowie in “labyrinth” and Sonic the hedgehog from the 90s “Game Gear” videogame. Also his twin brother Tom is said to have a fresh new look once more, however, he hides his hair under a cloth.

With “Wetten Dass..?” Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg will introduce their new single “Automatisch”. The matching video making waves for the boys of “Tokio Hotel” even in America.

Source: Tokio Hotel Network

Comment: i was soo excited cuz he looks DAMN HOTT with Mohawk!!


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