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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coca-Cola Live@MTV The Summer Song in Rome will be taking place at 8:30PM local time (2:30PM EST). The show will be streamed live on their website, so you can watch here. Tokio Hotel will be opening and closing the show. Will you be watching? EDIT: In one of the Habbo chats today, Tokio Hotel said they’d be playing “Automatic” and “Humanoid” tonight.

Automatic Performance

Humanoid Performance

Interview from The Summer Song

Bill: Ciao a tutti!

Q: On October 2nd your next album is coming out, why did you record it in two languages?
A: Well, it was kind of obvious they’d record it in two languages.

Q: You haven’t been under the lights for some time, what did you do in this time?
A: We’ve been on tour ’til the end of last year, and they spent this year working on new album.

Q: So all work and no holiday?
A(this was said by Tom I think): We didn’t have the time for a holiday, but maybe next time we’ll come to Italy.

Q(the male host): But I saw some pics of you on a nice beach? Caribs, Seychelles or something…
A: Yeah, we spent two weeks on the Maldives.

Q: Is Humanoid inspired by Sci-Fi and the fantasy world?
A: This is the red line of all the album and that’s why the album is called Humanoid. (I guess at this point the screaming was too much, and the question/answer went misunderstood)

The host: Ok, this is like a talk between a deaf and a mute because of all the screaming, we’ll hear you again alter when the screams will be more appreciated.


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