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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fans of pop music know for an artist to survive past their first big hit, they have to have something else — they have to have IT. “It” can include many things, but the artists that make a big impact normally have images as compelling as their music and a sick sense for fashion to keep fans interested.

2009 was a good year for fashion-forward pop stars. The girls made bold statements with color, gender-bending looks, and downright wacky outfits. Not to be outdone, the guys stepped it up and got heads turning too.

Here are just five of our favs from this year in fashion and music.


  • RihannaShe spent most of the year hiding from the prying media and working on her near-masterpiece album, Rated R, but when she finally emerged she made every fashionable step matter. From suits to gowns to spiky mini-dresses, Rih’s fashion icon status can’t be denied.

  • Katy PerryFrom soft and sexy to outrageous and wacky in usually less than a day, Katy is always good for a fashionable moment. Even at her craziest, she rarely misses as she rocks each look with such conviction she’ll soon convince you she could wear a paper sack and look good.

  • Lady GaGaGaGa is a master of disguise and knows that looking good doesn’t always mean looking completely normal. She keeps music and fashion interesting by constantly switching up her clothes, hair, and anything else that can be painted, teased, or covered in Kermits.

  • Adam LambertIf you tuned in to American Idol season 8 there were two thing you undoubtedly waited for if you were on Team Lambert: another amazing vocal performance and another memorable ensemble. Once Glambert left Idol behind, his personal style took centerstage and ran. Sleek suits, leather, spikes, heavy eyeliner, and slick hair are all apart of his fashion-forward arsenal and we love it.

  • Bill Kaulitz - Adam Lambert is being credited for bringing glam-rock back for the guys, but fans of Tokio Hotel know it’s been around thanks to frontman Bill Kaulitz. Even girls envy his flowing hair — blown out or styled in a mohawk — and his ability to rock slim-fit jeans better than we could ever imagine.
Comment: my baby is listed!! OMG! *dead* i love all of them!
err.. but Adam? NOT=|

Movie Mistakes has compiled an incredible long list of mistakes from the second movie of the Twilight Saga, “New Moon”. The list with 29 mistakes is mostly compiled by obsessed movie fans with a critic eye, which means even if you watched the movie a million times you might have completely missed it.

GossipTeen suggests a fun exercise: print this list, read it carefully and then watch “New Moon” AGAIN. Try to spot the mistakes and have fun! It doesn’t matter is it’s one of the most expensive or cheapest movie in Hollywood, every movie has its mistakes, which actually make it even more fun to watch. :mrgreen:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Mistakes List Below

  1. Bella’s bite mark scar is not in the position it should be, compared to where James actually bit her in Twilight.
  2. When Bella and Jacob are driving in Bella’s truck to go test out the motorbikes for the first time, they alternate between driving backwards and forwards. When you see the forest passing through Bella’s window, they appear to be driving forwards. However, when you see the reflection of the trees in the windshield when the camera is on Bella and Jacob, they appear to be driving backwards. When they close-up on Jacob and Bella separately through the windshield, it is extremely obvious that they are driving backwards.
  3. When Bella is in the parking lot at school in the beginning, Edward walks toward her. Bella’s hair is neatly pulled off to the side. When he leans in for the kiss it is suddenly stuck to her forehead, and when Edward tells her Jacob wants her, it’s suddenly back to normal.
  4. Just as Jacob enters Bella’s room through the window, a stunt prop - white band on his right wrist - is briefly visible.
  5. After Bella awakes from the first nightmare, we see her Romeo and Juliet book on the pillow beside her. When Charlie brings in her presents the book is gone, but then reappears on the pillow between shots.
  6. When Jacob first shows off his tattoo, it is up at the top of his shoulder. Then when he is in the forest at the end with Bella and Edward, his tattoo is about 2 inches further down his arm.
  7. At Bella’s birthday party, when Edward pushes Jasper away after attacking Bella, Emmett turns his head to follow Jasper flying through the air. But in the next shot, he is looking in front of him as though he didn’t see anything.
  8. In the scene where Bella is in the meadow talking to Laurent, Bella’s hair is at first straight and then in the next scene it is wispy and pushed back and then it is straight again.
  9. When Edward takes Bella to the forest to tell her he is leaving, Bella’s hair hangs down her back. But in a following shot most of it is tucked up in the hood of her coat.
  10. When Sam comes into the house and kisses his fiance, you can see the ripples in the edges of the plastic film used to put the tattoo on his arm.
  11. When Bella pulls up at the Black’s, she spots Jacob, gets out of her truck and her door doesn’t fully close . Later you can see in the background that the door is firmly shut.
  12. Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. Alice drops Bella off - when Bella gets out of the car to ask where Edward will be, first you see Bella in front of the car door, then she is suddenly behind the car door.
  13. When Bella and Edward enter the chamber with the Volturi, they change which sides they are holding hands on. This also happens when they leave, except it goes from arm on waist to hand holding.
  14. When Alice is driving Bella to the Volturi, she is wearing a headscarf and sunglasses. During the scene the way the headscarf is tied changes; the size and shape of the knot (and the colours on the knot) are different.
  15. When Charlie is talking to Bella at her truck about her going back to Jacksonville, the large wisps of hair on Bella’s left ear keep changing position and alternate from not / blowing in the wind.
  16. In the last scene when Jacob confronts Edward and Bella. Edward’s hair is it’s usual poofed up, uncombed look but after Bella separates Jacob and Edward and Jacob runs off, when the camera is back on Edward, his hair is flat and neatly combed, then within a few seconds it’s back to its uncombed look.
  17. When Alice jumps over the staircase in school to wish Bella happy birthday, between shots during the scene the positioning of the decorated scarf around her neck varies.
  18. When Bella is at the cafeteria table with Mike, and he is asking her to a movie, her hair keeps moving from behind her ear to hanging in front, and back again.
  19. In the scene where Bella jumps off the cliff, Bella’s eyes are brown before jumping but are blue/green when she surfaces in the water and then back to brown in the underwater and shore scenes.
  20. In the scene where Jacob is talking to Bella on the beach about Victoria, his shirt starts off as a dark gray colour, then it changes to a brown colour. It does this a few times during the scene.
  21. Right before Jacob comes through Bella’s window, it shows her sleeping and “dreaming” of Victoria coming to get her. If you look, the camera really focuses on the dreamcatcher and how it’s hanging above her on the bedpost. It is hanging off to the side of the middle hump. Immediately, Jacob comes through her window and focuses in on the dreamcatcher hanging on the bedpost which is now neatly hanging in a completely different way, perfectly laid over the center of the bedpost.
  22. When Edward and Bella turn around to leave the Volturi Chamber, Edward’s robe is tied. When they show them leaving from the back it is undone.
  23. The rims of the vampires contacts can be spotted occasionally during the film, especially the Volturi’s during the ending scenes, e.g. Jane’s in the elevator.
  24. When Mike and Jacob are standing outside the cinema waiting for Bella, between shots the Burger King takeaway bag sitting on the trashcan next to them changes position.
  25. When Bella goes to the Cullens’ house for her birthday party, Alice takes the new camera that Charlie got Bella and takes a picture of Bella and Edward. But when Bella prints out the picture and puts it in her scrapbook, it looks nothing like the picture Alice took. Given we see the entirety of her visit from start to finish, there was no other opportunity for a different photo to be taken.
  26. Factual Error: In the opening sequence of the moon changing phase to reveal the “New Moon” title, the moon is actually upside down. Easiest way to tell is because the Tycho crater appears on the top-right as opposed to bottom-left as it is visible from earth.
  27. Factual Error: When Bella is flying to Italy they show a Virgin America airplane. Virgin America only flies within certain cities in the US. Virgin Atlantic flies from the US to Europe.
  28. Factual Error: In the main title when the giant new moon appears on the screen the shadow fades over the moon from right to left when it should actually fade from left to right. The moon travels around the earth clockwise. The waning moon should turn to a new moon, not the waxing which is shown.
  29. Visible crew/equipment: In the very last scene, right before the ultimatum, if you look into the tail lights on Edward’s car you can see various members of the crew reflected.

Comment: first of all.. i love that 3D poster!! =D

Nick Jonas Selena Gomez Texas CoupleNick Jonas Selena Gomez Texas Couple

Selena is following Nick on Twitter now!

Comment: Love is in the Air! nelena ;)

Not made for one another
Not made for one another

Awww, how sad. The two Taylors: Country singer Taylor Swift and New Moon star Taylor Lautner have split, reports Us Weekly.

A source close to the singer tells Us that there just wasn't any chemistry between the two stars. "It wasn't really developing into anything, and wasn't going to, so they decided they were better as friends."

Just a few weeks ago, while hosting Saturday Night Live, Taylor Lautner told the audience that he has gotten close to Taylor Swift.

"He liked her more than she liked him," the source continues."He went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn't travel much to see him."

But there's no hard feelings. Both stars remain friends and will probably meet each other again in February to promote the romantic flick Valentine's Day.

Comment: she didn't travel much to see him. of course! she's a girl..

a man should travel more than girl! sad news though =(

so so sad.. no more Tay Tay ='(

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i know it's too late.. but pehlease santa ?? XD

Taylor Swift was reportedly upset when she saw Emma Roberts hitting on her boyfriend Taylor Lautner on the set of their movie Valentine's Day. A source toldThe Enquirer:

'Everyone on set could tell Emma was crushing on Taylor’s teenage toyboy, she kept making goo-goo eyes whenever she saw him, even though they have no scenes together. Then Emma pushed too hard, unexpectedly showing up on-set to watch a love scene between Taylor and Taylor.

Swift got really creeped out because Emma kept staring at Taylor, so just to show her that the race really does go to the swift, she suddenly kissed her boyfriend like he was the last guy on earth. Her kiss was so long and passionate that everyone held their breath, knowing it was an in-your-face warning to Emma that she’d better back off fast.'

Comment: OMG! back off Emma! leave them alone !

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tasbih Cinta

Comment: cite best musim cuti.. muahaha!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!!

HERES for my followers again!!! n my liebe!! this 1 is better look at bills belt buckle!! n toms fake halo lol

Merry Xmas to my fellow friend who's celebrating it! especially to my Twitter friend! xoxo

tgk cite nie ari2 ... Selena!! besh besh =) si heronye agak hott ahh..ayat touching woo =( Selena ckp..

Mary: [Mary interrupts him] You figured you could toy with me until someone better came along, and I wouldn't mind because I was lucky a big star wanted me. Well, you know what really sucks about falling for a guy you know you're not right for? You fall anyway because you think he might turn out to be different.

me: ouch!

Matthew Mackendree "Matt" Lanter (born April 1, 1983) is an American actor and model.. awat yg aQ minat suma model nehh ! nevermind!

sorry guys.. nak ckp melayu plak.. muahaha! use translator ok XD dh berbelit belit lidah nk skiping omputeh.. dh dh la 2.. haha.. well.. jumpe hott hunk lg! wiwit! dh tau pasal mamat nie tyme tgk csi las vegas fallen idols few years ago.. mmg hunk!! hehe.. then bru bru nie tgk dea ice skate.. jd hero dlm cite di atas.. pehh! *drooling* he's mine =D bru 26 kott! && start 2009 dea blakon sbgai Liam dlm 90210 =)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Twilght: Eclipse movie still featuring Bella [Kristen Stewart] and Edward [Robert Pattinson] sitting in a field of purple flowers. Are YOU excited for Eclipse or could you care less? Credit: MTV.

Comment: love it! can't wait! btw.. thanks to OceanUp =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NRJ Energy Radio interviewed Tokio Hotel asking them to answer 11 and a half questions, and some of their answers are pretty interesting! Check it out below, along with their written answers and some pics.

My childhood hero was…
Gustav: Hulk Hogan
Tom: B.A. from the A-Team
Georg: Tom Kaulitz :-)
Bill: David Bowie

Coca Cola or Cola Light
Gustav: Cola Light or Fritz Cola
Tom: Coca Cola
Georg: Light
Bill: Coca Cola

iPod or Vinyl
Gustav: Vinyl
Tom: both
Georg: Vinyl
Bill: iPod

For breakfast I have…
Gustav: meat & bread
Tom: coffee & toast
Georg: cereal
Bill: coffee & toast

swimming or skiing
Gustav: skiing
Tom: swimming, but I’m good at both
Georg: skiing
Bill: swimming

The last DVD I bought was…
Gustav: The Notebook
Tom: Public Enemies
Georg: Hellboy 2
Bill: Public Enemies

The Highlight of my day…
Gustav: the first coffee
Tom: the first cigarette
Georg: going to bed
Bill: being woken up by my dog

In my pants pockets I have…
Gustav: mobile phone and wallet
Tom: mobile phone and at least 1 condom
Georg: guitar pick
Bill: nothing

My current favourite word is…
Gustav: Schneegestöber (snowstorm)
Tom: urst
Georg: ulk
Bill: Humanoid

My life motto is…
Gustav: At least everything goes wrong
Tom: I stopped looking for a motto
Georg: -
Bill: I don’t have one.

sushi or burgers
Gustav: both
Tom: sushi
Georg: sushi
Bill: sushi

Anything else…
Gustav: everything runs
Tom: Georg sucks!
Georg: I have to…
Bill: a lot too hot

Monday, December 21, 2009

BLACK TIE 87/5 by Dior
£ 180.00

DIOR 0124/5
by Dior
£ 175.00

Comment: mann! i want that sunglasses !!! give it to me Tom! or i'll kiss you! XD
damn you're too Hott! *drooling*

Joe Jonas' Valentine's Day role is the voice of Jessica Alba's dog. While Joe's ex-girlfriend plays a popular high school cheerleader and her current beau Taylor Lautner plays a football star, who make out when TV reporter interviews them about their being Homecoming king and queen.

Comment: bahaha! im a big Joe Jonas HATER!! Joe as a DOG! he deserve that role! XD

RIP Brittany Murphy =(
i know about this when i listen to Hitz.fm this morning..
that's really sad news to start off a Monday...
Sincere condolences to her family..
i don't know her much actually.. even she's an actress..
but i just recently watch The Ramen Girl with my family..
so i do watch her movie =(

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa MARRIED

Kevin Jonas married former hairdresser Danielle Deleasa on Saturday night at Oheka Castle in Long Island. Kanielle told PEOPLE: 'We're so happy that we're finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones.' Demi Lovato plus 400 family members & friends attended.

The wedding planner said: 'Danielle looked like a princess. When she walked down the aisle in her strapless tulle and Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown. Kevin couldn't stop smiling. Kevin has said many times he feels like he met his princess. To see them together you can feel the warmth and the love all around them. They are just perfect for each other.'

Comment: congrats KEVIN!!


Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

Jacob, Bella & Edward <3

MTV EMA 2009 Best Group Award