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Sunday, December 6, 2009

hurmm.. esok exam Intro It.. tp x stress mcm Math.. but still kne study.. tp x study lg pon.. ahaha! pemalas.. hurmm.. tgk Twilight lg kt 413.. Bella.. she love to be alone.. obviously like me.. i hate crowd! dengar lgu lg best.. tp klau g jln jln best gak.. huhu.. miss my friend.. hurmm.. still alone kt kolej lps nonie xde.. ntah la... ssh nk rapat ngan org skrg.. hurm.. ari 2 exam math bleh jwp.. blik umah je aQ melompat2 mcm monyet! haha.. a lot of people asking me ade bf x? & bla bla bla.. i wish i had but i don't believe in anyone right now.. p/s: my dream boy is Bill Kaulitz.. if you're a girl that searching for someone that understand you & believe in true love? he is the one that you're looking for.. but babe.. he's mine ;) Tom.. Bill's twin is hott too.. but playboy lahh.. tp dea agak funny.. always laugh when watching THTV because of Lunatic Tom! hehe.. actually blog nie for diari harian kite kn.. but im using it for latest news.. just ckit je blog.. haha.. giler betoll..about Twilight plak.. tyme Twilight dlu x minat sgt.. start New Moon bru laa nk minat.. Team Edward.. yeah! ftw!


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