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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NRJ Energy Radio interviewed Tokio Hotel asking them to answer 11 and a half questions, and some of their answers are pretty interesting! Check it out below, along with their written answers and some pics.

My childhood hero was…
Gustav: Hulk Hogan
Tom: B.A. from the A-Team
Georg: Tom Kaulitz :-)
Bill: David Bowie

Coca Cola or Cola Light
Gustav: Cola Light or Fritz Cola
Tom: Coca Cola
Georg: Light
Bill: Coca Cola

iPod or Vinyl
Gustav: Vinyl
Tom: both
Georg: Vinyl
Bill: iPod

For breakfast I have…
Gustav: meat & bread
Tom: coffee & toast
Georg: cereal
Bill: coffee & toast

swimming or skiing
Gustav: skiing
Tom: swimming, but I’m good at both
Georg: skiing
Bill: swimming

The last DVD I bought was…
Gustav: The Notebook
Tom: Public Enemies
Georg: Hellboy 2
Bill: Public Enemies

The Highlight of my day…
Gustav: the first coffee
Tom: the first cigarette
Georg: going to bed
Bill: being woken up by my dog

In my pants pockets I have…
Gustav: mobile phone and wallet
Tom: mobile phone and at least 1 condom
Georg: guitar pick
Bill: nothing

My current favourite word is…
Gustav: Schneegestöber (snowstorm)
Tom: urst
Georg: ulk
Bill: Humanoid

My life motto is…
Gustav: At least everything goes wrong
Tom: I stopped looking for a motto
Georg: -
Bill: I don’t have one.

sushi or burgers
Gustav: both
Tom: sushi
Georg: sushi
Bill: sushi

Anything else…
Gustav: everything runs
Tom: Georg sucks!
Georg: I have to…
Bill: a lot too hot


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