I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover.
I love you forever, forever is over
Let's Have Some Fun This BEAT is SICK


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ex-lovers Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas arrive Grammy Awards 2010 Salute To Icons Honoring Doug Morris at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 30 in Beverly Hills. Ted Casablanca of E! revealed that Jaylor embraced on the red carpet.

Comment: idk what to say =\

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comment: OMG OMG OMG! excited!!

Bild.de has posted pictures of the twins in the Maldives, but they’re not beach pictures like we’re used to. The pictures show Bill and Tom eating together at a table, and it seems as though they got a place away from everyone else. Check it out below!

Millions of girls would also love to be here in the Maladives in the Indian ocean! But the twins are here all alone – without screaming fans, without management. Relaxing right before their big tour in Europe (starting Feb 22nd)!

Here, on an island on the North Malé Atoll, 8000 kilometres away from their home Magdeburg, Bill and Tom are completely in private in a luxury hotel. And the hotel lives up to its reputation: the world stars are staying in a super-fancy water-bungalow (circa 3500 dollars per night) with their own butler, four flatscreen TVs and a private pool.

Our reader reports: “They do everything together. Breakfast at 11am, after that sunbathing on the private deck, splashing around in the ocean and every day dinner together in one of the three restaurants on the island. Every other day they go to the wellness center for a massage.”

Popstars sure have it good…

Comment: mann! i am one of those GIRLS! OMG OMG OMG! Bill looks even better with no makeup on. He and his brother are just perfect. love em!

Friday, January 29, 2010

We're just friends this time...

Once upon a time, Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift over the phone. The conversation lasted only 27 seconds. That was about a year ago.

Now, Joe wants to make amends with his ex girlfriend and has been quoted saying that they have ‘recently reconnected’.

A brief recap for those who don’t know what went down between Taylor and Joe. The cute twosome dated briefly last year, and when all of a sudden he dumped her. That phone call Joe made to her has left Taylor wondering what she did wrong.

However, Joe is quick to point out that there’s no reunion between them, insisting that they are just getting back on friendly terms. At least he’s trying to be a supportive friend this time round as he tells E! News, “I hope she gets a Grammy. She deserves it.”

No matter what, let’s hope that this rekindled friendship doesn’t lead to more heartbreak for Taylor. Wait, you know what? That might actually not be all that bad because the singer does find inspirations from heartaches!

Comment: forever & always.. that's what Taylor Swift keep saying about her relationship with Joe Jonas before.. even me myself felt the same way like Taylor.. hurts.. idk.. maybe it's good to be friend.. but he haven't heard anything from Taylor.. but we'll see =)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taylor Swift is self-designing her 4,062-square-foot penthouse Nashville penthouse with a moat-like pond including exotic koi fish built around her living room fireplace. Taylor revealed to Rolling Stone [Via Yahoo!]:

'You step on a stepping stone in the pond in order to get on a spiral staircase, which takes you up to the human-sized bird cage observator. They're delivering a human-sized birdcage, which I'll put a brass telescope in. The ceiling of my living room is painted like the night sky.' Photos: Tom Gatlin Photography.


Saturday, January 23, 2010




Comment: i've mention about this movie before..
now i'll show the trailers ^^
that BOYY is HOTT! his EYES O.o

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taylor Swift dished to the new issue of Girls' Life on her rules about love: 'The biggest compliment I've ever received was when a guy looked at me and said, 'You're so interesting.' I loved it! There so many girls who are beautiful, but to be called interesting is something that I think it relaly cool. It's a little more rare than if someone says you're hot.'

'I've never had a guy get in the way of a friendship. Rule No. 1: If your girlfriend has cried about a guy, you don't go near him. Rule No. 2: Your friends should totally agree to rule No. 1'

'Sometimes, guys will hint that they like when you wear your hair a certain way or want you to act [differently]. But if you aren't comfortable doing that, don't change yourself. I've been guilty of this a few times, a guy will suggest that I wear my hair straight or go tanning, and I'll give in. But this is a mistake, because then the guy's not really into who you really are.'

'Don't answer his e-mails, especially after a relationship is over. I'm a big fan of just cutting it off because I know myself and I'm not the kind of person who can just be buddy-buddy with a guy after we breakup, especially if it was a bad breakup. I'm not into letting it linger or drag on forever.'

Comment: *thumbs Up* ahh.. i wish you're my sister ^^

Whats somebody like you, doing in a place like this?
Say did you come alone, or did you bring all your friends?
Say what's your name, what you drinkin,
I think I know what you're thinking.
Baby whats your sign?
Tell me yours, Ill tell you mine.
Say whats somebody like you, doing in a place like this?
(1, 2, 3, come on!)

Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)
Wont let you get away (say if we ever meet again)
This freefall (ahh), got me so (ohh), kiss me all night
Don't ever let me go.
Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)

Oohh, oohh say if we ever meet again

Do you come here much? I swear Ive seen your face before. (beforeee, yeah)
Hope you dont see me blush, but I cant help but want you more, more.
Baby tell me whats your story, I aint shy and dont you worry.
Im flirting with my eyes, wanna leave with you tonight.
Do you come here much? I gotta see your face some more.
Some more cause baby I,

Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)
Wont let you get away (say if we ever meet again)
This freefall (ahh), got me so (ohh), kiss me all night
Don't ever let me go.
Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)

If we ever meet again, Ill have so much more to say. (if we ever meet again)
If we ever meet again, I wont let you go away. (if we ever meet again)
If we ever, ever meet again, Ill have so much more to say. (if we ever meet again)
If we ever, ever meet again, I wont let you go away.

Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)
Wont let you get away (say if we ever meet again)
This freefall (ahh), got me so (ohh), kiss me all night
Don't ever let me go.
Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)

Ill never be the same (if we ever meet again)
Wont let you get away (said if we ever meet again)
This freefall (ahh), got me so (ohh), kiss me all night
Don't ever let me go.
Ill never be the same (say if we ever meet again)

Comment: woot! It’s hot! Enjoy! && i love both of them!


Z Zegna

Bill Kaulitz fans already know that every time the Tokio Hotel lead singer steps out in public it's a fashion show. But this morning, Bill Kaulitz finally starred in a real fashion show, walking the runway like a pro in Dsquared's fashion show in Milan. While I wasn't there personally, I can safely assume that Bill Kaulitz needed no training -- dressed in a feathered cape and leather pants like the born-again dark angel of rock, Bill Kaulitz took the stage via an elevator, tuh-WERKED it, and fully upstaged a team of medieval hockey players and models in hot pink pleather Oxford shirts.

Do I even need to point out the cuteness of Bill Kaulitz walking a fashion show by twin designers (DSquared is named for twins Dean and Dan Caten)? Or the you've-made-it-ness of coverage inWomen's Wear Daily? I don't, right?

Comment: yes! both of my HOTT baby was there xD haha!
2 fashion show in a day? that's tired.. & no more Mohawk ? idk.. hope not..
guess what??!
Bill was mentioned on NYTimes, JustJared, VOGUE & MTV BUZZWORTHY!!
how awesome is THAT!
the cutest thing is.. Tom was there accompanying Bill's too =)
twins.. they're INSEPARABLE..

Monday, January 18, 2010

today was a fairytale
you were the prince
i used to be the damsel in distress
you took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
today was a fairytalex3
i wore a dress
you wore a dark grey t-shirt
you told me i was pretty
when i looked like a mess
time slows down
whenever you're around
can you feel this magic in the air
it must have been the way you kissed me
fell in love when i saw you standing there

Comment: This song is ah-mazing! need full version!! ASAP!

Comment: mann! SERIAL HEARTBREAKER?!! i hope he wouldn't hurt Taylor =((
she's already hurt with that Joe son of Jonas..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fans at the Elliot Hall of Music at Purdue University had a big upset when the person they came to watch perform, Lady GaGa, was forced to call off her concert. Apparently, GaGa was ordered by her paramedics to ‘take time off’ that night due to a ‘sudden illness’.

But don’t worry guys, Lady GaGa is fine now, as she updates us on her Twitter saying, “Paramedics came to take care of me, and told me my heart-rate was irregular-- a result of exhaustion and dehydration. Can't apologize enough for how sorry I am. I could hear my fans cheering from my dressing room, I begged everyone to let me go onstage.

“My stage has complicated mechanical elements, everyone was concerned I'd be in danger during the 2hr show, since I had passed out earlier. I am so devastated. I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat: I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort.

“I hope you can forgive me. I love my little monsters more than anything, you are everything to me. I will make-up the performance on Jan 26.”

Now, who wouldn’t accept an apology like that? Turns out beneath all her unconventional ways, she is much of a lovely person who really does care about her fans. Well, we all hope that the Illness Monster goes away soon. Get well soon, GaGa!

Comment: awww.. get well soon ! love it when she say my little monsters =')

i ♥ u @ladygaga

Friday, January 15, 2010

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez chatted with J-14 about their issues with friendship. Demi revealed: 'There are times when even if you've known someone for a long time, you change. Just because we were best friends doesnt mean we're always going to stay best friends.'

Selena added: 'I think [ending friendships] is natural and people have to go through it. They may have hit a rough patch, but the girls know that regardless, they'll always have each other's backs.' Do YOU think they are still BFFs just taking 'a break'?

Comment: no waY! not true! if Selena is ending her friendship with Taylor.. acceptable cuz you know why.. but with Demi? why?? did Demi date Nick or what?? DANG!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For all you folks who thought that ‘Vampire’ hunk Taylor Lautner would have already moved on from the bitter harvest of his ‘mushy’ affair with ‘Country’ crooning sweetie Taylor Swift, here’s some news.

Purely on the evidence of the latest reports, it would appear that the hunk hasn’t yet been able to get the blonde crooning sensation out of his mind and is in fact thinking up ways to win back his ‘lost love’.

For real…..folks!

Buzz is that Lautner is reportedly planning a special ‘reunion’ tryst with his ex –girlfriend, in a bid to strike up that ‘old flame’ again.

Reports further suggest that Taylor has thought up a hush –hush tryst (or call it a ‘date’ instead!) in Los Angeles at around the same time when the ‘estranged’ pair is slated to appear for the promotion of their next big –screen caper ‘Valentines Day’.

The movie title sure sounds like a good omen….ha folks?

Further letting in on Taylor’s love plans, a source was quoted as saying to National Enquirer, “He plans to overwhelm Taylor with four dozen red roses, a diamond friendship ring and a romantic dinner date when they’re both in Los Angeles.”

The source further went, “He wholeheartedly believes they have something special and that it’s worth fighting for.”

It ought to be remembered here that the ‘split’ itself between the once ‘mushy pair’ wasn’t brought upon by what one would call ‘irreconcilable circumstances’, but was rather the ‘bitter’ harvest of them not being able to spend enough quality time in the light of the pressing commitments.

The source further said, “They became good friends and went out a few times, but he lives in Los Angeles and she lives in Nashville and their busy schedules kept it from becoming more than it was.”

Well, we can only wish Taylor all the best for the D –Day!

Comment: YAY! *jumping up & down* i hope Tay Tay is BACK together ^^

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The track list for the highly anticipated soundtrack to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland 3D remake (save your glasses from Avatar!), starring Johnny Depp, was announced today, and OMB(ill!) Tokio Hotel and Kerli are collaborating on the song, "Strange."

The soundtrack, entitled Almost Alice, hits stores March 2, while Alice In Wonderland is out March 5, at which point you'll experience the heretofore impossible-to-imagine simultaneous Tokio Hotel AND Johnny Depp pairing!

Anyway Tokio Hotel and Kerli's Alice In Wonderland collaboration rules, and here's why:

1.) Tokio Hotel and Kerli, who's from Estonia, bring some European flair to the soundtrack, which includes Avril Lavigne, All Time Low, Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz, and Owl City.

2.) Though she's got a devoted fan base, Kerli's been under mainstream music's radar for too long, so inclusion in a major motion picture's soundtrack -- especially with the legacy of Alice In Wonderland -- could do wonders to advance her exposure here in the States. Of course, the same goes for Tokio Hotel, which is a great thing or cause for angered teeth gnashing, depending on which Tokio fan you ask.

3.) KERLI AND TOKIO HOTEL BOTH HAVE SONGS CALLED "LOVE IS DEAD." That's NO coincidence. Okay, it's actually totally a coincidence, but their songwriting sentiments often stem from the same place -- introspection, loss of love, and disenfranchisement.

4.) Kerli does amazing things with makeup, and so does Bill Kaulitz. (Obviously.)

5.) Both Kerli and Bill Kaulitz pretty much look like Alice In Wonderland and Tim Burton characters come to life. (Kerli = Alice, obviously, and Bill Kaulitz as the Mad (hot) Hatter.)

Comment: i agree with Tamar, Bill as the Mad (hot) Hatter ;D

GQ posted some of the outtakes from their photoshoot with Bill & Tom on their website, and they look amazing! I have to admit, the blue suit is a bit much for me, but I loooove the black one. Tom looks great, too!

Check out the pictures and article translation below, and the magazine scans should be out tomorrow or Thursday.

Only teen idols, now world stars and pop icons of style: Tom Kaulitz and Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel. In the February issue of GQ we present the twins from their new adult side and show why they need to be taken seriously.

“We are not brothers, but identical twins. That makes the difference.” Bill Kaulitz

GQ.com shows exclusive and previously unpublished pictures of the spectacular photo shoot in Hamburg. Plus: From 13 January, you can see here, Tom and Bill Kaulitz in the video interview and the Making of the GQ-line images.

Comment: DAMN! this photoshoots is ahmazing!!! the best photoshoot for 2010!

The rumors swirled. You heard that All Time Low and Avril Lavigne would appear on it. And that a collaboration between Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz would, too.

Well, we're hear to tell you: Those rumors were totally true.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, as you can see now that we have been able to exclusively reveal the album's tracklisting. On top of the groups mentioned above, you'll also get Metro Station, Owl City, Robert Smith from The Cure, 3OH!3,Franz Ferdinand and plenty more re-imagining songs from the Disney classic.

Take a look, this thing is pretty stacked:

1. "Alice (Underground)" performed by Avril Lavigne
2. "The Poison" performed by The All-American Rejects
3. "The Technicolor Phase" performed by Owl City
4. "Her Name Is Alice" performed by Shinedown
5. "Painting Flowers" performed by All Time Low
6. "Where's My Angel" performed by Metro Station
7. "Strange" performed by Tokio Hotel and Kerli
8. "Follow Me Down" performed by 3OH!3 featuring Neon Hitch
9. "Very Good Advice" performed by Robert Smith
10. "In Transit" performed by Mark Hoppus with Pete Wentz
11. "Welcome to Mystery" performed by Plain White T's
12. "Tea Party" performed by Kerli
13. "The Lobster Quadrille" performed by Franz Ferdinand
14. "Running Out of Time" performed by Motion City Soundtrack
15. "Fell Down a Hole" performed by Wolfmother
16. "White Rabbit" performed by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
The album, which is being called Almost Alice, will be in stores in March 2nd, while a video for the soundtrack's first single, "Alice (Underground)" by Avril Lavigne," is due in early February.

Comment: Tokio Hotel in the soundtrack & this album will be in stores in March 2nd.. what?? it's on my BIRTHDAY!!! O.o

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heads up! Bill and Tom Kaulitz are on the cover of the February 2010 issue of German GQmagazine, where Bill looks like the ringleader of Cirque de Sexy, and Tom looks like a straight-up Bawse. Now, clearly, if you're a Tokio Hotel fan you probably already know that that half of Tokio Hotel's on the cover. And you're probably not mad at it. But, see, this is why Wordpress and life need a "likes this" button. So we can all push it in unison.

Tokio Hotel's GQ cover lines read "Now also for adults… Tokio Hotel. Why you should take these supertwins seriously from now on!" And a quote from the Kaulitz twins: "We are like one person with 4 ears…" Fair enough, but in case you miss Tokio Hotel's other four ears, watch their "World Behind My Wall" video. Yet again.

Comment: Tamar.. you're such a COOL Tokio Hotel Fans ^^ we're so proud to have you on MTV Buzzworty =))


quote: "Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight." aja aja hwaiting!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Do you believe that not one but two people came between Taylor Squared — or that they split because they simply couldn’t deal with a long-distance relationship?

Word on the street (or at least in the tabloid world) is that a wandering eye and jealousy may have come between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, causing the mother of all love triangles, er, squares. The country crooner, 20, and Twilight Saga: New Moon actor, 17, met on the set of their flick Valentine’s Dayover the summer, but called it quits after five months this December. And, according to pals of the two, a Disney starlet and a notorious bachelor are to blame.

John Mayer, 32, is said to have caused a rift between the couple when he asked Taylor S. to sing on his single, “Half of My Heart,” reports OK! Apparently, John had a crush on the country cutie, and although Taylor wasn’t interested, her boy was still said to be “devastated.”

Former gal pal, Selena Gomez, 17, reportedly caused uncertainty on wereboy Taylor Lautner’s end. “There’s still a definitive spark between [Selena and Taylor L.],” a source tells Star, adding that he’s been quietly rekindling his romance with her even after they ended their courtship at the end of May 2009.

But HollywoodLife.com knows the REAL reason why these two lovebirds called it quits. An insider close to the two explained they “just didn’t see each other enough.” Additionally, “there just wasn’t much chemistry between the two of them. Anybody who knew them or watched them interact could tell it wasn’t a hot and heavy romance.”

The only good news that comes out of this is for all you Twi-Hards: Jacob Black is officially back on the market.

Los Angeles: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner break up: Was John Mayer responsible for break up. Relations between the two Taylors were not so good. This was known to their close friends before Christmas.

And to avoid further complications, Taylor Swift was more candid about her feelings towards Taylor Lautner. During this period she informed Taylor about her true intentions. “She said she just wants to be friends,” a source told a showbiz magazine.

But many are guessing that someone must have come in Swift life that she was encouraged to say Taylor these harsh words.

Many say that it was John Mayer. But no one can say it for sure.

Insiders say that Swift had been thinking for long of talking to Lautner about their relationship. But she was unable to do so due her hectic schedule. However, she made up her mind on her 20th birthday on December 13 when Lautner presented her with diamond earrings. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, a source said quoting her: “She could no longer lead him on,” says the source. “She feels she needs someone more mature.”

According to another close friend of the duo, some tension cropped up between them when John asked her to sing on his single “Half of My Heart” two months back.

“John’s dad is telling everyone John has a thing for Swift,” said a source. Is Swift interested?

Comment: mann oh mann! all i can say is John Mayer is Hott ;)


Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

Jacob, Bella & Edward <3

MTV EMA 2009 Best Group Award