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Sunday, January 10, 2010

my Shoutout on Hitz.fm

Comment: 23 seconds precious moments in my life! i'll never forget this Natalie! thank you very very much! ^^ ok.. first of all.. i follow Nataliehitz on Twitter & she said that she need 10 more followers to 1000.. so i ask my followers which is 90% of them is Tokio Hotel die hard fans ^^ & i mention to her that i want Tokio Hotel songs on Hitz.fm.. few days after that.. means today.. she send me & my twitter friends a tweets saying this

@emikaulitz @sarahliebtbillk @quinbyyan ich kenne sie liebe tokio hotel,
so listen in at 7.10pm for your shoutout! :)

MANN! i was soo damn happy! luckily i was online that time ^^
then i listen to hitz.fm on Astro channel 852 & i record it ^^
OMG! yes i did! haha.. watch the video.. that's the proof ^^ hehe..
dang! she also include Bill's talk! uber happy!
i wish will say i love you emi XD but.. nevermind XD


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