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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bravo has published a new article about Tokio Hotel in their latest issue, and this time they take a look at how the band have been copied by others, in appearance and performances. They point out Queensberry’s Leo and Adam Lambert when it comes to appearance, and Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa for performances.

To read the full article, look below. You’ll find it pretty interesting!

Everybody steals from Tokio Hotel


A couple of weeks ago Queensberry-Girl Leo copied Tom’s current hairstyle: Cornrows in the style of tough gangsta-rappers. With those skinny pigtails on the scalp, she looks like Tom’s secret – and supercool – sister.


Bill’s magnificent head of hair of 2005 is already legendary by now! With this hairstyle the Tokio-Hotel-frontman became famous. The US-singer Adam Lambert presented an obvious copy newly. The second-place finisher of the TV casting show “American Idol” (the American “DSDS”) became a big star in his home country in the meantime – and professing Bill-Fan! Adam admits: “Anyone else fascinated with Bill Kaulitz? Never seen a more gloriously androgynous beauty. He’s like an alien.“

Awesome role models!

The whole showbiz lives on the ideas of these four boys!

Torched instruments, rainstorms on stage, hairs in style of manga or gangsta: Tokio Hotel surprise with cool live-effects and look-changes again and again. And thereby Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav are real trendsetters, who are even copied by other stars. Whether pop-queen Lady GaGa, Hollywood Girls like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, or Queensberry-girl Leo – they all steal the ideas of Tokio Hotel! But the boys don’t care about that: “We’re not annoyed about something like this. It’s a huge compliment for us, if others copy us.” Bill said to BRAVO. And his twin brother adds: “That’s incredibly! It confirms that we have cool ideas!”

Stage monsoon:

In November 2007 TH performed their hit “Monsoon” at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich – in drenching rain on stage. The Hollywood-girl Demi Lovato copied this sensationally performance one year later in her music video “Don’t forget”. Also Country Girl Taylor Swift is live a water lover. Already at her concerts in 2008 she started in the middle of her song “Should’ve Said No” a stage-monsoon – she also did this wet trick at her England-tour few days ago.

Fire Piano:

At the MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin on Nov. 5th, Tokio Hotel let a piano and the drums burn to their song “World Behind My Wall”. Only two weeks later, pop queen Lady GaGa stole the terrific fire-show at the MTV American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Tom quipped on it: “Lady GaGa was so excited of our performance, so that she phoned me to ask, how we made the piano burn. I think, she solved it really duly as well…

Comment: ahaha! copycat ;) i don't mind with others..

but Adam Lambert is too much! Bill look a like =\


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