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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The track list for the highly anticipated soundtrack to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland 3D remake (save your glasses from Avatar!), starring Johnny Depp, was announced today, and OMB(ill!) Tokio Hotel and Kerli are collaborating on the song, "Strange."

The soundtrack, entitled Almost Alice, hits stores March 2, while Alice In Wonderland is out March 5, at which point you'll experience the heretofore impossible-to-imagine simultaneous Tokio Hotel AND Johnny Depp pairing!

Anyway Tokio Hotel and Kerli's Alice In Wonderland collaboration rules, and here's why:

1.) Tokio Hotel and Kerli, who's from Estonia, bring some European flair to the soundtrack, which includes Avril Lavigne, All Time Low, Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz, and Owl City.

2.) Though she's got a devoted fan base, Kerli's been under mainstream music's radar for too long, so inclusion in a major motion picture's soundtrack -- especially with the legacy of Alice In Wonderland -- could do wonders to advance her exposure here in the States. Of course, the same goes for Tokio Hotel, which is a great thing or cause for angered teeth gnashing, depending on which Tokio fan you ask.

3.) KERLI AND TOKIO HOTEL BOTH HAVE SONGS CALLED "LOVE IS DEAD." That's NO coincidence. Okay, it's actually totally a coincidence, but their songwriting sentiments often stem from the same place -- introspection, loss of love, and disenfranchisement.

4.) Kerli does amazing things with makeup, and so does Bill Kaulitz. (Obviously.)

5.) Both Kerli and Bill Kaulitz pretty much look like Alice In Wonderland and Tim Burton characters come to life. (Kerli = Alice, obviously, and Bill Kaulitz as the Mad (hot) Hatter.)

Comment: i agree with Tamar, Bill as the Mad (hot) Hatter ;D


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