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Monday, January 4, 2010

Seitenblicke in Germany asked Bill 20 Questions recently, and some of his answers were quite funny! He was asked about some of his favourite things, about certain people, and a bit about his life. Look below for all the questions and answers.

01. How are you?

02. Your biggest achievement heretofore?
Our new album “Humanoid”

03. Your next event?
A TV-Show in Paris

04. The hardest work, which you ever made for money?
To hand out folders to people, who didn’t want them.

05. A wonder that took place in your life?
That we got discovered in our hometown Leipzig.

06. Your favourite colour?
Black and white, although they aren’t even colours.

07. Your favourite pop song?
“In For The Kill” by La Roux

08. Your favourite artwork on earth?
The cover of our single “Automatisch”

09. The most beautiful thing on earth, which you can buy with money?
The ticket for the amusement park.

10. A thing except love, which you can’t buy with money?
A family.

11. Who’s the shrewdest head on earth?
My brother Tom.

12. What’s new and bad?
Illegal Downloads.

13. What’s new and good?
Our new website

14. Your drug?

15. Your kink?
I collect leather jackets.

16. What do you do insufficient?

17. Your strong point?
To get from too little sleep much energy.

18. A weakness that should be forgiven you?
That I talk way too much.

19. A wise sentence that doesn’t originate from you?
Life is too short to drink bad wine.

20. What do you want to learn?
To play the piano.


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