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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fans of pop music know for an artist to survive past their first big hit, they have to have something else — they have to have IT. “It” can include many things, but the artists that make a big impact normally have images as compelling as their music and a sick sense for fashion to keep fans interested.

2009 was a good year for fashion-forward pop stars. The girls made bold statements with color, gender-bending looks, and downright wacky outfits. Not to be outdone, the guys stepped it up and got heads turning too.

Here are just five of our favs from this year in fashion and music.


  • RihannaShe spent most of the year hiding from the prying media and working on her near-masterpiece album, Rated R, but when she finally emerged she made every fashionable step matter. From suits to gowns to spiky mini-dresses, Rih’s fashion icon status can’t be denied.

  • Katy PerryFrom soft and sexy to outrageous and wacky in usually less than a day, Katy is always good for a fashionable moment. Even at her craziest, she rarely misses as she rocks each look with such conviction she’ll soon convince you she could wear a paper sack and look good.

  • Lady GaGaGaGa is a master of disguise and knows that looking good doesn’t always mean looking completely normal. She keeps music and fashion interesting by constantly switching up her clothes, hair, and anything else that can be painted, teased, or covered in Kermits.

  • Adam LambertIf you tuned in to American Idol season 8 there were two thing you undoubtedly waited for if you were on Team Lambert: another amazing vocal performance and another memorable ensemble. Once Glambert left Idol behind, his personal style took centerstage and ran. Sleek suits, leather, spikes, heavy eyeliner, and slick hair are all apart of his fashion-forward arsenal and we love it.

  • Bill Kaulitz - Adam Lambert is being credited for bringing glam-rock back for the guys, but fans of Tokio Hotel know it’s been around thanks to frontman Bill Kaulitz. Even girls envy his flowing hair — blown out or styled in a mohawk — and his ability to rock slim-fit jeans better than we could ever imagine.
Comment: my baby is listed!! OMG! *dead* i love all of them!
err.. but Adam? NOT=|


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