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Monday, September 7, 2009

CSI franchise

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

CSI trails the investigations of a team of Las Vegas forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes.

Main characters

CSI Level 2: Dr. Raymond "Ray" Langston (Laurence Fishburne) comes into contact with the CSI team in the course of a murder investigation and joins the Las Vegas Crime Lab as a Level-1 CSI. Langston was once a doctor, working in a hospital.

CSI Level 3 Senior Supervisor: Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) is in command of the night shift Las Vegas CSI unit.

CSI Level 3 Assistant Senior Supervisor: Nicholas "Nick" Stokes (George Eads) is second in command of the night shift Las Vegas CSI unit.

CSI Level 3: Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) was a materials and element analyst. -> GF Grissom

CSI Level 3: Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) was formerly the lab's DNA technician.

Chief Medical Examiner: Dr. Albert "Al" Robbins (Robert David Hall) is the head county coroner of the Las Vegas Police Department

Trace Technician: David Hodges (Wallace Langham) is a lab technician who transferred to the Las Vegas crime lab from Los Angeles. -> suke kat wendy ;)

LVPD Homicide Detective: Captain James "Jim" Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) was the head of the Las Vegas CSI, who is originally from New Jersey.

Former main characters

CSI Level 2: Riley Adams (Lauren Lee Smith) was a former St. Louis police officer who became a CSI. She came in as a second-level CSI to the understaffed Las Vegas unit, replacing fallen CSI, Warrick Brown.

CSI Level 3 Senior Supervisor: Dr. Gilbert "Gil" Grissom (William Petersen) was the night shift team supervisor for the Las Vegas CSI unit, and a forensic entomologist. -> quit from CSI after Sara quit & Brown dies. BF Sara

CSI Level 3: Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) was an audio-video analyst. -> dead in season 9

Comment: skrg dh abis season 9.. season 10 x start ag.. soo just wait n see. favorite character is Dr. Langston, Nick, Riley, & Brass.

CSI: Miami

The series is an American crime drama television series that trails the investigations of a team of Miami-Dade forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes.

Main characters

MDPD CSI Lieutenant Day Shift Supervisor: Horatio "H" Caine (David Caruso): the head of the Miami-Dade crime lab, a former NYPD homicide detective, a forensic analyst, and former bomb squad officer. -> CSI Supervisor

CSI Level 3 Assistant Day Shift Supervisor: Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter): a ballistics specialist. Her expertise in ballistics and firearms led to her being nicknamed "Bullet Girl". ->CSI Assistant Supervisor & Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) -> akan bercintun dgn Eric

CSI Level 3: Eric Delko (Adam Rodríguez): a fingerprint and drug identification expert of Cuban and Russian descent. -> Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) -> ehem ehem dgn Calleigh

CSI Level 1: Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo): working as a police officer at the time he was hired for the lab virtually on the spot by Horatio Caine, who noted Ryan's immaculate care of his gun with approval, likely due to Wolfe having OCD (his predecessor, Speedle, died in the line of duty as a direct result of his poor gun maintenance). -> Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)

MDPD Homicide Detective Sergeant: Frank Tripp (Rex Linn): a Texas-born homicide detective who accompanies the team to the crime scenes. -> Senior Detective

CSI Trainee: Natalia Boa Vista (Eva LaRue): a DNA analyst who upon first arriving, was only allowed to work on cold or unsolved cases due to the restrictions of her federal grant.

Medical Examiner: Dr. Tara Price (Megalyn Echikunwoke): Miami-Dade day-shift medical examiner who replaced Doctor Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander). -> Medical Examiner

Medical Examiner: Dr. Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander) was a Miami-Dade medical examiner. -> Medical Examiner

MDPD Homicide: Detective Yelina Salas (Sofia Milos) was a Colombian homicide detective frequently attached to CSI investigations, and the widow of Horatio's brother Ray Caine. -> Senior Detective & Private Investigator

CSI Level 3: Tim "Speed" Speedle (Rory Cochrane) was a trace evidence and impressions expert. -> Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)

Comment: skrg bru start Season 7.. means dh start episode bru.. best ;) favorite characters is Horatio, Eric, Calleigh Duquesne [terbelit lidah nk sebut XD], & or course my favorite dri dlu Wolfe ;) GATAL XD


The show trails the investigations of a team of New York City Police Department forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes

Main Characters

CSI Detective First Grade: Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise): is leader of the CSI team. -> CSI Supervisor

CSI Detective First Grade: Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes): is devoted to her job due to her strong personality, determination, and intelligence. -> CSI Assistant Supervisor

CSI Detective Third Grade: Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo): grew up in a family under surveillance. -> Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) -> BF Lindsay

CSI Detective Third Grade: Lindsay Messer (nee Monroe) (Anna Belknap): worked as a CSI for three years in Montana and finally realized her dream of moving to a big city like New York. -> Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) -> GF Danny

Medical Examiner: Doctor Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy): is described as an "off-the-charts genius" who only recently traded in a career as a chef to become medical examiner.

Laboratory Technician: Adam Ross (A.J. Buckley)

CSI Detective Third Grade: Doctor Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper)

NYPD Homicide Detective First Grade: Donald "Don" Flack, Jr. (Eddie Cahill)

CSI Detective Third Grade: Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferlito)

Detective Third Grade: Jessica Angell (Emmanuelle Vaugier)

Comment: skrg mmg dh start season baru.. byk penyanyi femes ouh dlm episode skrg.. Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Katharine Mcphee. favorite characters is Danny =)


frasky said...

From above 3 i prefer to watch CSI NY more than the other two.

Anonymous said...

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