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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ingrid: Everything is here. I have to say you're such a handsome man! INDEED ;D
Ingrid: Tom, also such a handsome guy.. yes he is !
Ingrid: I had to admit, i never thought you guys would be so handsome, i'm surprised. I never thought you were so beautiful.. awww ;)

Ingrid: where are you getting your creativity from? Mother of father? p/s: i was the her i wouldn't ask this questions.. cuz it's hurt Bill's heart =(

Bill: Until we were six we wore sweaters in school with our names on them so people could tell us apart.
Ingrid: But you look so delicate and white.. just as white as snow white and he's little more masculine i would say. He has this masculine..
Bill: I got all the positive stuff..
Tom: Bill just looks like a woman, simply like a woman. TOMM >:| don't say that.. twin fight!

Bill: He's also ten minutes older..
Klaus: Do you think ten minutes makes a difference?
Tom: Mentally, for sure! XD TOMM!

Bill: One twin always the weaker one - the so called weaker one. Mentally he's stronger and then one twin gets all the bad stuff. I have all allergies - it's only me who gets sick. AAAA! don't worry sweetheart.. im here to take care of you XD

Ingrid: I made up names for you: He's the pirate who he always wanted to be and you are the diva. XD
Tom: I would call you little mouse.. bill's hand XD
Ingrid: The pirate and the mermaid.

Ingrid: Real hair or just attached?
Tom: My own..
Ingrid: It's your own hair?
Tom: Great, isn't it? Tom's face XD
Ingrid: Who does that?
Tom: A woman.. :o really! who!
Ingrid: So you do have a woman?
Tom: Yes, i have many women! ;) TOMM! playa! well.. we already know that XD


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