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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Say Hello to the Vegitwins!

Remember a couple months ago when we reported on a rumour that Bill and Tom were now vegetarians? In a new interview with Bravo, they confirm that rumour and say they even gave up their hamburgers! Georg said he also eats mainly vegetarian food, but Gustav hasn’t changed his attitude and still doesn’t like vegetables. Maybe that’s why he gained all that weight?

Either way, this makes me really happy! I’ve been a vegetarian for a year and a half now, and to hear the twins have decided to stop eating meat, too, is really great!

“Hot Kitchen-Boys!”
It’s getting hot in here! Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg tried themselves as cooks and put together a strange sauce! BRAVO shows you the funny pictures…

Caution, hot and greasy! The Tokio Hotel Boys proved themselves as cooks in the spanish TV-Show “El Hormiguero”. In front of the presenter Pablo Motos [44], Bill [20], Tom [20], Gustav [21] and Georg [22] cooked Pasta á la Tokio Speciale – Noodles with a strange Sauce.

Therefore the rockers stirred a lot of Ketchup, Mustard, Milk, raw Onions and red Pepperonis into a pan. When the presenter tasted the horrible sauce, he was very enthusiastic. But did he really like the stale noodles and the extremely sharp sauce? Hardly. At least the horrible food was meatless – because that’s how the animal loving Twins Bill and Tom [they have 4 dogs: 2 Dachshund, 1 Doberman-Labrador mongrel and 1 German Shorthair] love their food.

“We are vegetariens”, Bill revealed in a BRAVO-Interview. “We simply like food without meat. Our favorite dish is Pasta with Tomato-Cream-Sauce and Pizza. You don’t really need meat in those dishes.” The Twins even gave up on their beloved Burgers: “It’s very hard, but we’ll get through this”, Tom assures us.

Even Georg joins them: “I mostly eat vegetarian too – there’s enough of vegetarian food on Tour”, tells us the bassist. Gustav is the only one who isn’t fond of vegetables: “I don’t like it and I won’t adapt myself”, the drummer clarifies. Tom isn’t surprised by his stubbornness: “For breakfast Gustav already eats 15 strips of bacon!”

Comment: 15 strips of bacon! GUS!! :o but i will never be a vegetarian.. im addicted to meat & etc XD good luck guys!


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