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Friday, November 27, 2009

Twilight New Moon

YESS! dh abis tengok !! haha.. best best! jgk JELEs yerk.. haha XD yg frust ending nye Edward ckp kat Bella '
Marry Me' then END =| ayo! but still BEST! && si Jacob x abis abis nk KISS Bella tp slalu x smpat.. wa wa wa XD Romantic tau tyme Bella lari untuk selamatkn Edward dri dedahkan diri dea kat Manusia.. sbb dea nk bunuh diri.. tp Vampire DIraja aka Volturi 2 xkn trime dea.. so he wanna show himself to Human then those powerful Vampire will kill him.. ay yaya. yg best n sweet when The Cullens vote whether Bella should become Vampire or not.. the only one disagree is Rosalie.. of course.. but she said that she never DREAM to be Vampire & this is NOT what she want.. so she vote NO.. & of course.. Edward vote NO since the first movie ;) spoiler.. hehe.. nk lagi.. pi TENGOK sendiri.. sumpah x rugi!


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