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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What did you have for breakfast? Nasi Goreng Kampung.. sedap wooo xD

Who do you love? Bill.. obviously xD

Where are you? Malaysia

Where do you wish you were? Germany or U.S.A ;)

Are you happy with your life? it depends, some things yes, others no

Do you cry a lot? ehmmm..

Do you make people angry? sometimes it happens

Do you like who you are? sometimes xD

Do you like the cold? yes

Do you like the heat? sometimes

Aren’t thunderstorms awesome? no, they are not awesome

Do you like to walk in the rain? yes

Do you have any one in mind that you want to walk in the leaves with? yes

Do you like expensive things? it depends..usually yes

Do you like cameras? I should to but I don't feel good with them

Do you like taking pictures? loooove it

What is the weather like out side? raining

Are you happy you are alive? of course

What or who makes life worth living? my family, friends & Bill ;) tehehee

Do they feel the same about you? yes, I think so =)

Do you like looking up at the stars? everytime

Ever wanted to go into a black hole thinking it may take you back in time or forward in time? so many times xP

Ever thought you were in love? for sure

Do you like puzzles? yes

How about word searches? yes

Do you like coloring? yes

Can you stay in the lines? yes

What do you like better, colored pencils, crayons, or markers? markers

Can you type fast? yes

Do you want to move? for sure

If yes where do you want to move to? Germany definitely

Do you think the one you love is taking you over? no..

Are you good at math? omg, no. don't even talk me about that!

Are you good at history? errr.. i don't think so..

Are you good at English? not very lahh.. very very VERy bad Grammar!

Are you good at science? I like it but ... nein

What other languages do you speak? English, Malay, a little of Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Filipino xD

Do you think you are a nice person? yes, I think

What is the worst pain you’ve ever felt? err.. idk

Where is your favorite place to be? Germany of course ;)

Do you want to die? well, I think I have to but not for now

What did you have for lunch? a lot of meat xD .. rice & spaghetti.. im full!

What do you have in your cup/bottle? milo

Do you smoke? neveerr!

Do you drink? ew NOT!

Do you like swimming? yes

Have you ever swam in the ocean? yesssss

Swam on the waves? yes

Ever climbed rocks? yes.. i think..

Do you like the ocean? I love it

Name two people you miss really badly: two is not ENOUGH.. ina, yana, iyna, cha, achik, nonie <3

Where are they? far far awayy

Have you lost any one close to you? no.. i hope not..

Ever witnessed some one dying? idk.. x ingat lahh

Do you know who it was? idk

Ever been to any funerals? yes

Do you like funerals? it's sad.. i don't like it =(

Are you morbid? morbid? what the hell is that!

Do you think you are smart? yes

Do you have a job? no

Do you get along with your parents? yes

Have you ever gotten detention? hehe..

Have you ever been suspended? yes

How many nicknames you got? 2

What are they? emi & lia

Who gave them to you? me & my friend ;)

Have you ever passed out from being drunk? what?

Have you ever had sex? nO!

Do you have any animals? no

Are you cold? yes

Are you happy? yes

Are you sad? always

Are you confused? yes

What time is it? 11.44pm

Do you believe in magic? yes

Do you have your own room? no.. unfortunately

How many windows are in your room? 3 i think xD

What size bed do you have? medium xD

Do you do your own laundry? sometimes

Do you want to get married? definitely

Do you want kids? yes

Who do you truly hate? nobody

Are you shy? YES!

Have you ever asked any one out? yes

What’s your relationship status? single

What is your sexual orientation? straight

What color is your room? blue

What color is your bathroom? white.. err.. yellow i think

Do you like clowns? not very lahh.. annoying je..

Do you like cheerleaders? no

Have you ever had heat stroke? yes.. err..

Do you like going to the beach? a lot

Who is the last person you went to the beach with? family

Who is the last person you went to the movies with? myself (at home, I don't like go to the cinema)

Who is the last person you went to the mall with? my family

Who is the last person to call you? lupe xD

Who is the last person to E-mail you? i don't care xD

who is the last person you called? my sister elly

Do you hear voices? nope

Do you see dead people? no

Do you like to blow bubbles? yesss

Do you like cotton candy? yes

Do you enjoy fairs? yes

Do you like playing with fire? just don't care

Have you ever been in an ambulance? no

Have you ever had any ex-rays? no

Ever had to have surgery? no

Who or what were you named after? huh?

What is your favorite perfume? Johnson's Baby Cologne.. Summer Swing.. you should try it =)

What is your favorite store? can't pick one

Where did you get your clothes you are wearing? anywhere xD

Do you like to go to the mall? of course

What do you fear? closed spaces, crowds, snakes!

What is your birth day? 2 March 1991 ;) yes.. im pisces

Did you enjoy this survey? weird but it's ok ;)


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