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Sunday, May 9, 2010

TM connects with Tokio Hotel Live in Malaysia





my tickets & M&G pass + Humanoid Deluxe Edition (thanks to Nadja)

smlm dh cukup seminggu Tokio Hotel dtg Malaysia..
bru skrg i dare & brave enough to wrote my experience xD
feeling so sad bile deaorg balik x( hurmm.. miss them very much..
ok.. i smpai kt KL ari tu jugak.. Saturday 1st of May..
x smpt pg signing session..
like 5:15pm smpai n meet Nadja..
then i pg Hitz.fm & TM booth to redeem my tickets & M&G passes. hihii xD
agak menggelabah. haha! sampai tanye Universal and guard what should i do xD
then queue. blakang giler xD maybe bcuz ramai sgt org..
so TM x check ticket. hoho..
time Pop Shuvit & Bunkface kt stage.. i was like.. ok.. i didn't excited at all xD
the sweetest moments is when Baby by Justin Bieber was played.
also Lady Gaga songs.. everyone start to sing along.
9:15 nervous giler.. Tokio Hotel!!!! OMG!! manage to record it..
tp i was so nervous smpai i x nmpk BILL.. xD
then i scream kuat giler! & sing along time!!
my sister also tolong. she keep pushing me ke dpn klau ade org blah.. haha..
turn Durch Den Monsun.. almost everyone sing Monsoon xD
not Durch Den Monsun..
lepas abis lagu tu.. ade bdk lelaki kt blakang ckp TH change the lyrics. STUPID! xD
then turn M&G!!!!! i pegi redeem M&G passes first..
then went to Cafe. dahaga dowhh! haha! i can't rmember nama Cafe to..
bile i masuk.. workers deaorg tgk i.. i x kesah la.
i looks so weird. tercungap cungap..
sume org gelak.. so i order drinks. pehh lega xD
then rush pg line up.. x smpt nk touch up.. dh nk msuk!!
OMG! freakin nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then Hitz staff ckp no autograph! pictures only.
with their professional cameraman x(
shocked! frust & sedih sgt.. then time nk msuk tu.
OOOOOOOOOOOOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o
i saw such a beautiful DOLL! OMG!!!! his smile!!!!!!!!!
tp unfortunately.. he didn't saw me.
time amik gmbr.. i stand beside Gustav..
then he wants me to come closer to him..
so i stand depan dea. OMG!!!!! dea pegang bahu kott!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!
Bill was beside him.. & i starstruck & speechless giler time tu.. bile dh abis. i salam Gustav!!!!! OMG!! sejuk giler tangan dea.. kasar xD
then i nk ckp & salam Bill plak.
or at least hug him. but ade pmpuan cina nie. say NO NO NO! wtf!
i mcm shocked time tu. just kluar je. then i talk ckit dgn Nadja.
then i went to my sister kt TM booth. i started to cry x'((
i didn't care if others stare at me.
i don't give a damn! x'( then pg old wing search for my dad.
hurmm.. seriously.. frust sgt.. BILL x'( but my Tokio Hotel family keep supporting me...
they said at least i ade pic with them.. & stand dpn GUSTAV!!!
Gustav sweet giler dowh! hehe.. i still hate my M&G pic tho xD haha.
so that's it.. lame x blogging. huhu.. toodles!! xoxo



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